BCI 1621 Oximetry Data Management Program 
The BCI, Inc. Oximetry Data Management Program is a Windows® based, easy-to-use software for use with the FingerPrint® Sleep Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter. Using the BCI catalog #3389 Interface Cable, it rapidly downloads information collected during sleep screening, oxygen therapy validation, and/or related studies, and assists in the Clinician's interpretation by analyzing SpO2 data, and storing and printing Statistical, Desaturation and Graphic Reports.
BCI 3403-000 FingerPrint® Sleep Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter/Summary Printer
The FingerPrint® Sleep Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter with built-in Summary Printer was specifically designed for sleep screening studies in the sleep lab, clinical environment, or home. With its easy-to-use, 2-key operation, it also provides fast, reliable spot-checking measurements of SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength for use in clinical or hospital environments.
New (2 yrs. warranty)
BCI 9004-050 Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph
The Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph/Oximeter was designed with the sleep environment in mind. ThisQuiet System provides reliable measurements of CO2 and SpO2 in one affordable unit, and can be used for sleep screening as well as lab-based sleep studies. This next generation system utilizes Serial Autocorrelation (SAC) digital pulse oximetry technology for reliable SpO2 measurements, and the breath by breath CO2 detection and display is ideal where fast response to patient change is needed.
New (2 yrs. warranty)
BCI 9004-051 Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph / Oximeter
See above for details.
New (2 yrs. warranty)


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